Wrestling #01

The part #01 is done, in this wrestling the one that loses will win a loser price.
Oh! I got my new ram memory kit, now have 24 Go.


Working on a new storie


I start a new wrestling storie, but got some issues with shader, hair and lights. So I will redone it all again. I also find some memory kit for my computer, those scene in Daz3d that use Iray, also use many memory space on the computer. So I order a kit of 24 Go ram memory, it is the max that my computer mothercard could support. This is a sign, after 5 years of good work it is geting old, those memory was hard to find only one web store have it. I will have to think at a computer upgarde this year.

I have to change Zoya hair, they was a big issue, to many textures on it I think. Daz Iray was crashing. With the hair change, she could have 4 friends with her in the same scene. But we start to have shadows issues on the legs, more lights is need.


Daz3d dynamic testing

It work fast, but could not create new cloths.
I have to use what they give.
It is very limited as cloths options to use.


Cailin chronicle_01

Have find a workaround with my issue on the memory of the graphic card.
I still have a limite but it will work for now.
New girls are made from G3F, she work very well.
I have one working girl for now, 2 other girls are in the
study room.
Also working on a video, the sound is still hard to find.