The cave chronicle, #03

I update the The cave chronicle, #02 to the same textures use here. Have to make some change to use Octane render.







Learning Octane

Still in the learning or Octane render, I find how lights work. Now it is the textures nodes to learn, geting better at it each day, so soon new storie. Here my Cara Loft version.



New render test

I got an install my new graphic card Asus GTX670-4GD5. This card is use to render only, my screen display use my old GTX560 TI, I make some test to see if it was heating.

With Cycles in Blender my 2 cards run at 48C, that is good, also the new GTX670 is very quiet.
With Octane it heat more it stay around 56C, I did not overclock it for now.
I have to learn more on Octane textures nodes and make some test to get a better quality textures render. I have find a way to still use dynamic hair, I use a pony tail.
If someone have idea on Octane nodes, it will be welcome.

                                          This one take only 1 minute 13 seconds to render.

                                                         Delivery of my graphics card.



Got new render tools

I buy new software, first I got Reality 3D plugin for Poser. It use LuxRender that is free render software base on your computer CPU. Here some test rending done with it. It was very long to render with this.


I was not happy for the render time it take also it fail to render dynamic hair.
So I made some test with Blender Cycles that is free and could be set to use your computre CPU or set to use your video card GPU on CUDA.


The time it take was very better but, I have to setup all the textures node manualy. I did not find for now a good import script for Poser scene. That is long to setup each textures scene. To long for me
need something that is more fast.

So I buy Octane render software and the Octane plugin for Poser, here some render test.






It run only on the GPU video card set on CUDA. It is fast as the number of CUDA cores you have on your card. It also eat th memory of the card, need 2 video card for this to run well, one for your computer system ( your OS and screne dispaly) and the second for Octane render only, I order a new video card (Asus GTX670-4GD5) for this to run better and fast. Will like to have Asus Titan but it is still to expensive for now, maybe when the new serie 700 will come out the Titan price will lower down.

The lights work like in Blender Cycles so will not be realy long before I get use to the control of Octane.

So soon all my render will be done in Octane, and could do little movie at better quality.



The cave chronicle, #02

From here I will use Octane render.