New render test

I got an install my new graphic card Asus GTX670-4GD5. This card is use to render only, my screen display use my old GTX560 TI, I make some test to see if it was heating.

With Cycles in Blender my 2 cards run at 48C, that is good, also the new GTX670 is very quiet.
With Octane it heat more it stay around 56C, I did not overclock it for now.
I have to learn more on Octane textures nodes and make some test to get a better quality textures render. I have find a way to still use dynamic hair, I use a pony tail.
If someone have idea on Octane nodes, it will be welcome.

                                          This one take only 1 minute 13 seconds to render.

                                                         Delivery of my graphics card.



  1. Your Octane 3D renders look fantastic, im close to starting the learning on these too jsut have to finish a project im on :) nice hjob

    1. Thank's Will, come play with textures nodes. :)

  2. Mmmm, what will happen with the heroine?

    1. For "The cave chronicle" I will finish to render it all,
      I try to render it with Octane but the cave and tentacule textures give me issue in Octane, I am trying to find a fix at those textures nodes in Octane. Not very long will finish it, I am learing nodes fast. Thank's for comment Alicia. :)