The dungeon chronicle "F Test Movie"

I have made a little movie of the "F" part, the file name is "DungeonF_Test_Movie.rar" the file size is 7,05 MB. I try to load it on the blog but it was not see very good.

If you like it, comments here on this blog page, thank you.

Here the link to download it:


New test movie, from part F to G,
render with OpenGL, file name "DungoenTest_FG.rar" size 7.43 MB.
Here the download link:

I also start a little Bio of Miranda, will upload her portfolio from time to time.


  1. Nice job on the 3D erotic movie, I like

  2. can you reupload DungeonF_Test_Movie.rar i am trying to get evrything before its all gone :D

    1. Sorry for my late answer, I just notice your message today.
      I have check my harddrive for that old file, but it was delete last time I clean my harddrive. That was only test movie not realy a good one.

      I will do some new movie later, at better quality. .)