How to tame a fairy, #01

My fairy expert says they eat lots of things.
They LOVE sugar, honey and all wild berries. (They still like store bought berries)
Fairies drink mostly milk and consider spilled mik precious.
They also drink lake water.
Different types of faries eat different types of things.
Below are what the different faries eat:
     Water Faries: Drinks water from lakes, streams, and oceans.
     Flower Faries: Nectar of flowers.
     Eventide Faries: Require little food, sip of dew or drop of nectar.
     Forest: Berries, fairy butter, and drink purest water.
     Snow: Rain, snow, flour and honey.
Fairys eat and drink all kinds of things i would recomand wild berries but from the store is also ok.
Also try water or milk and put suger in them.
If trying to get a fairy freind make a home and put stuff in it.
Talk to them at least 10 minutes a day in the same spot other wise youll have to start everything all over after a while they most likely gain your trust and become freinds with you and show them selves to you. Dont worry if they dont take the stuff at first you still need to earn there trust.
Hope this works for you also and good luck. :)

I find this outside in the flowers, I put it in a glass jar.

I mix sugar and water, it love it.

It want more sugar/water mix.

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