Update, #04

Hi everyones,

I have give new web link of what I use for now in the "Update, 02".

I am making my rig for my girls, I do not use the Khalibloo Panel.
Converting the morphs to shape keys was easy to do.
I also try Blender animation timeline, but it is a big tool to understant.
It have many options for animation in Blender. So I have to learn those
animations tools better before I finish the rig, in case I miss something
that could be need in the rig for animation.

I have re-test Blender cloth simulator and it is working very good, I have a
better control with it that I have before with Poser dynamic dress, and it is
faster. I also take a try to dynamic hair, I need to work a little more on the
learning of dynamic hair, but for what I have tested it look very promising
for the future.

So for this week I am learing the animations tools, before I finish that rig.
All this will take me a little more learning time that I was thinking to do, but
in the end, I will master Blender.

Thank's for watching my blog updates.


This is the tuto I was looking for: http://cgcookie.com/blender/2011/02/07/creating_fk_ik_rig/
To be continued...

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