Two new stories

Hi everyones,

I have start two new stories, they are done by parts, because it is long to render each images.
I am looking to buy a new graphic card Asus Titan X that have 12Go of memory, it happen often that I crash because I do not have the memory to render the scene, and it will be faster.

Some scenes will be post here, the full stories will be post on Patreon web site.

Here some new scenes:

To be continued on Patreon.
Indoor render test:


  1. Merry Christmas CNC. I wish you would not forget this blog and sometimes share some of your work ;D have a fantastic night

    1. Thank's YmomY,
      Happy New year to you, I have update to G3F and G2M, and got many skin issues with my graphic card. I have find some workaround now, an I am creating some new render set with the limite of my graphic crad memory. They will be post soon.
      Bye bye, ;)

  2. (ノ^_^)ノ Happy New Year CNC!! I'm glad you are ok ;D good luck for the next exciting year (◕‿-).